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Whether at home or at work, First Edition Emergency Electrician is there to provide you with a high-quality electrician service. Here, you and your electrical wiring come first. You get to choose the right options for you, including residential electricians, commercial services, and a standard, licensed electrician. We're dedicated to helping you find the right electrician! Call or click now to get started.

Our Services

In an emergency, we're the best option! You can quickly finish electrical repair (including wiring repair, light switch repair, or circuit breaker repair) and a power restoration with our 24 hour electrician on-call. For an installation, you can use our electrical installation service. It makes every electric panel installation, light fixture installation, or outlet installation simple!

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Available for immediate repair, installation, and restoration services — call now.

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Our electrical shop is founded in La Habra, and we offer world-class electrical service throughout Orange County.